Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict


Do you want to add to your own leadership skills? Are you facing challenges with the team for which you are responsible? Do you believe your team could do better but you are not sure how to get them there? Then, this course is for you.


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To continue to develop your leadership skills and become an effective manager, you will focus on these essential skills: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Resolution. In this course, you will learn about coaching models, conflict resolution techniques, and ways to communicate with your employees and management team effectively. Exceptional leaders know how to sustain effective communication, manage performance, encourage team members while being adaptable to change. In each module of this training course, you will garnish the leadership skills necessary to excel as a leader in your organization or business.

As a bonus, you will receive an introduction to some essential leadership theories, including the Situational Leadership II ® model and Servant Leadership.


Coordinator, Manager, Supervisor, Consultant, Principal, Vice-Principal, Department Head, Board Members, Superintendent, Director, Team Leaders

Course objectives

  • Learn ways to prioritize, plan, and manage your time
  • Identify your primary leadership style
  • Develop some flexibility to use other leadership styles
  • Determine ways you can meet the needs of employees and co-workers through communication and coaching
  • Explore ways to make conflict a powerful force for creative, well-rounded solutions to problems

Easy to use online platform

  • Once you’ve paid for your course, an email is sent to your inbox with a link to log on.
  • Click on your link to start the course.
  • The first time you log into the course, we suggest that you add the course link to your bookmarks/favourites.

 Self-paced e-course

  • What you get from the course will depend on how much time you have to invest.
  • If you skim through the activities the course will take the minimal amount of time.
  • If you complete each activity in detail, watch all related videos and read the recommended resources and books, the course will take longer to complete.

Study Guide

  • Your course comes with a study guide to help you complete the activities.
  • Download this from within the course, a link appears in the Getting Started slide.
  • Work in your guide online or print and document your work on paper.

Course structure

  • The a2z e-learn course is divided into brief modules focusing on targeted content. The content in broken down into a series of easy to navigate slides.
  • You can see your progress in the bar that appears at the bottom of the slide.
  • Some slides have external links to videos and resources while others have content directly on the slide.
  • Your study guide follows the course order.

Mobile friendly 

You can take your course with you wherever you go! Work from your computer, tablet or phone.

Pre and post course assessments

Assess your learning as you start and finish the course.

Personal action plan

In your study guide you have the opportunity to develop an Action Plan that will help you bring what you’ve learned in the course, into your workplace or business.

Recommended reading list

A list of resources is available to you in order to delve deeper into the course content.

Certificate of completion

  • Proof that you have taken and completed the course.
  • The certificate is downloadable at the end of your course.

Course time limit

  • Once you have paid for your course you have six months to complete it.
  • If you do not complete the course, your access will be closed and you will need to re-register.


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